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Rasco New Iventory - 1997 Dodge Dakota - L1002

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ALT $50.00  
ASH (Axle Shaft) $75.00 RH, Front Axle, outer, ABS, 4x4
BOX $500.00 6-1/2' box,Black ext,Fleetside
COM $100.00 3.9L
CRR (Carrier Assembly) $500.00 Front, 3.92 ratio
DMR (Door Mirror) $75.00 RH, electric, folding (6x9)
DMR (Door Mirror) $75.00 LH, electric, folding (6x9)
EBX (Engine Brain Box) $150.00
ENG (Engine) $700.00 6-239 (3.9L, VIN "X"),3.9L
FDR $300.00 LH,elec,Black ext,2DR
FDR $400.00 RH,elec,Black ext,2DR
FDS $150.00  
FST $300.00 2DR,Gray,40/20/40,Cloth, complete
HAC (Heater, A/C Control) $50.00  
HUB (Hub) $75.00 RH Front, 4x4, AWAL
LCF (Lower Control Front Arm) $75.00 RH, 4x4
QWN $100.00 LH,Tint, movable
QWN $100.00 RH,Tint, movable
RAX (Rear Axle Assembly) $700.00 4x4 (Chrysler 8-1/4), 3.92 ratio
RDS (Rear Drive Shaft) $150.00 4x4, AT, Club Cab (2 dr),3.9L
SDO $75.00 (cluster), tach, MPH
SPM $50.00 6 cyl, 3.9L
SPN (Spindle Knuckle Front) $150.00 RH, 4x4, ABS
TCS (Transfer Case) $700.00 3.9L, Automatic
TLP (Tail Lamp Assembly) $75.00 RH
TRA (Transmission) $750.00  
UCF (Upper Control Arm, Front) $50.00 RH,4x4
WHL (Wheel) $100.00 15x7 (5 closed spokes), SLT, qty 4

NOTE: This listing of Used Truck Parts may not be up to date, for an up to date listing please call 1-877-739-2776.