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Used Truck Parts Abbreviations:

ABK (Anti-Lock Brake Parts
AFM (Ait Flow Meter)
AHS (Axle Housing)
ALT (Alternator)
APM (Air Pump)
ASH (Axle Shaft)
BAG (Airbag)
BAX (Beam Axle)
BOX (Pickup Box/Bed)
BWN (Back/Glass Window)
CAL (Caliper)
CAR (Carburetor)
CBX (Chassis Brain Box)
CCL (Clip Cab)
CCU (Cruise Control Unit)
CLP (Cornering Lamp)
CNV (Converter)
COL (Steering Column)
COM (A/C Air Compressor)
CON (Condenser)
CRR (Carrier Assembly)
CSP (Coil Spring)
CSW (Combination Switch)
CVM (Convert Lift Motor)
DIS (Distributer)
DMR (Door Mirror)
DPN (Dash Panel)
DWM (Door Window Motor)
EBX (Engine Brain Box)
ECM (Engine Cooling Motor)
ECR (Engine Crossmember)
EMA (Exhaust Manifold)
ENG (Engine)
EVP (Air Condition Evaporator)
FAN (Fan)
FAX (Front Axle Assembly)
FBK (Front Break)
FBR (Front Bumper Assembly)
FCL (Fan Clutch)
FDR (Front Door)
FDS (Front Drive Shaft)
FDW (Front Door Glass)
FEN (Fender)
FLY (Flywheel)
FPM (Fuel Pump)
FRM (Frame Assembly)
FTK (Fuel Tank/Gas Tank Assembly)
FTP (Fuel Injector Pump)
FVW (Front Vent Glass)
FWH (Flywheel Housing)
FRG (Front Door Regulator)
FST (Front Seat)
GRL (Grille Assembly)
HED (Cylinder Head)
HEM (Headlamp Motor)
HLP (Headlamp Assembly)
HOD (Hood)(
HPN (Header Panel)
HTC (Heater Core)
HTM (Heater Motor/ Blower Motor)
HAC (Heater, A/C Control)
HUB (Hub)
IBM (I-Beam)
IMA (Intake Manifold)
IMO (Ignition Module)
IWK (Ignition with Key)
KNE (Knee)
KNU (Steering Knuckle/Spindle)
LCR (Lower Control Arm Rear)
LID (Tailgate)
LCF (Lower Control Front Arm)
LSF (Leaf Spring Front)
LSR (Leaf Spring Rear)
MCY (Master Cylinder)
MFI (Fuel Injection Parts)
NOS (Front End Assembly)
PAN (Oil Pan)
PBR (Power Brake Booster)
PLP (Parking Lamp)
PLR (Center Pillar)
QTR (Quarter Panel)
QWM (Quarter Window Motor)
QWN (Quarter Window)
RAD (Radiator)
RAX (Rear Axle Assembly)
RBK (Rear Brake)
RBR (Rear Bumper Assembly)
RCP (Rear Clip Assembly)
RDO (Audio & Video Equipment/Radio)
RDR (Rear Door)
RDS (Rear Driveshaft)
RDW (Rear Door Glass/Window)
RGL (Roof Glass)
ROF (Roof)
RPA (Rear Body Panel)
RPN (Rocker Panel)
RSA (Rear Suspension Assembly)
RVW (Rear Vent Glass)
RRG (Rear Regulator)
RST (Rear Seat)
SAX (Stub Axle)
SCY (Power Steering Cylinder)
SDO (Speedometer)
SPM (Steering Pump Assembly)
SPN (Spindle Knuckle Front)
SRM (Sun Roof Motor)
STG (Steering Gear Box)
STM (Seat Motor)
STR (Starter Motor)
STT (Strut Assembly)
SVL (Steering Valve Assembly)
TCS (Transfer Case)
TCV (Timing Cover)
THB (Throttle Body/Valve)
TLM (Tailgate Lift Motor)
TLP (Tail Lamp Assembly)
TPN (Tail Finish Panel)
TRA (Transmission)
TRB (Turbocharger)
UCF (Upper Control Arm, Front)
UCM (Undercarriage X-Member)
UCR (Upper Control Arm Rear)
VAC (Vacuum Pump)
WHC (Wheel Cover)
WHL (Wheel)
WMF (Wiper Motor [front])
WMH (Wiper Motor [headlamp])
WMR (Wiper Motor [read])
WND (Windshield)

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