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Want to know how we
recycle engines, transmissions and other parts?

Inspection of a Ford for usable parts

There's a lot more to used auto parts than simply removing parts from wrecked vehicles. Each vehicle makes several stops on its journey through the recycling process.

Most of our vehicles are delivered by auto carriers. After delivery, each truck, van, SUV or car is thoroughly inspected, and all usable engines, motors, transmissions or any other parts are checked and entered into our inventory system. After this process is complete, these parts become available for you to search online.

Engines, transmissions and other parts being removed
Smaller parts may be removed from the vehicle while it is parked in our yard. When any larger parts are ordered, or anything that may expose sensitive parts to the weather, the vehicle is brought into our disassembly shop. At this time, the requested parts are removed, as well as anything that will need to be stored indoors. Most vehicles have their engines and transmissions removed during their first visit to the shop. The vehicle's fluids are drained into special holding tanks for later recycling. All parts removed at this time are then moved to one of our warehouses for protected storage.

After leaving the shop, the vehicle returns to the yard for further disassembly at a later time.

Once most of a vehicle's parts have been sold, it returns to the shop one last time. All remaining parts are removed, and the vehicle's remains (now referred to as a hulk) are moved to a holding area at the back of the yard.

Car being taken away

Once a week, hulks are loaded onto a flatbed truck and taken to the local scrapper.

Ford F150, Chevy Silverado, Toyota Pickup ...any truck, van, SUV or car part, we take parts from.

The scrap materials are seperated and shredded into small pieces, and sent off to various production plants. This scrap metal is melted down and used to build rebuild trucks and vans. The recycling process is now complete. Every single part of each vehicle is reused- many parts go to customers like you, and anything not sold is recycled into new goods that you and I use every day. Even the vehicle's fluids do not go to waste- they are recycled into new fluid products important to many industries.

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