"Locally owned and family operated!"
"Astonishing customer service and used truck parts since 1992!"
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Welcome to Rasco Used Truck Parts!

What makes up Rasco Used Truck Parts? Follow along our "virtual tour" to find out.

Headquarters for our modern automotive recycling facility. We inventory our used truck parts, so we are not a junk yard or scrap yard.

Recycling facility

Our inventory of used truck parts spans over 75 acres, with Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota and many other truck and SUV models in the yard. We also have some car models as well.

Chevy GMC SUVs Our Cars, Sedans
Our SUV Trucks Vans Trucks, Vans, SUVs
Our shop

As a vehicle is disassembled, any used truck parts that may be damaged by moving the vehicle or exposure to the weather are removed and marked. All used truck parts are inspected- good parts are inventoried in one of our warehouses; used truck parts unfit for sale are sent away for scrap.

Our warehouses are sorted by part type, allowing all used truck parts to be easily retrieved. Here are some alternators...

Some air conditioner compressors...
A/C Compressors

Some CV axles...
CV axles

And some engine computers.
Engine computers (Engine Brain Box)

Engines and drivetrain components receive special attention at Rasco Used Truck Parts. Each vehicle is test-run and driven when it enters the yard. These used truck parts (engine, transmission and transfer case) are protected while installed in the vehicle. After removal, all used truck parts undergo a thorough inspection for defects. Following this inspection, each engine, transmission, and transfer case is placed on special racks in our main warehouse, where they are housed until bought. All other used truck parts, such as steering columns, wheel rims or even truck hitches, are kept here. After an order is placed, the truck, van or SUV part returns to the shop for one last inspection before being sold to you.

Transmissions, automatic and manual More transmissions and transfer cases
Rebuilt truck and van parts Ford, Chevy, Toyota engines
GM fuel pumps and truck transfer cases Older car and truck engines
Don't Drink and Drive!
dont drink and drive!

Rasco Used Truck Parts - RR 1 Box 253 - Flemington, WV 26347 - 877-739-2776 - 304-739-2776 -sales@rascotruckparts.com